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Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphone

    Earphone cords, I hate 'em! It's always the same thing happen whenever I slipped that typical earphones into my iPhone or iPod to listen to the music. Not only they got tangled which takes time to really get it resolved and such a time-waster - the worst part it always stuck either between my knee when I bent over during exercise or it stuck at the end of the kitchen cabinet handle whenever I try to open/close the door. I dunno how many earphones have got damaged and I have to buy new ones due to the internal wires defect caused by it. Not to mention, if I wanna move around the house while listening to the music, there's no way I can charge the phone at the same time!

    So, the quest to find a wireless earphone begins. If previous years I've been having that Philips cordless headphone, that stuff however poses one disadvantage coz it has to be connected to an infra-red receiver, which is then be connected again to a power source. And I have to again fill in two AAA batteries to the headphone to futher power it. What a double triple troublesome. I need something much simpler, coz as usual simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, says Da Vinci. (Da Vinci as in Da Vinci the man, not the code!)

    But voila! Thank goodness I found this gadget by Jaybird. Codename: Sportsband SB1 Bluetooth headphone, this one really solve lots of problem. Not only it's cordless (by which it connects via bluetooth), it looks so very cool too. Kinda has that retro vibes to it.

    It's very simple to use. On the right there're control buttons like power on/off, forward, reverse, volume up/down. To connect you just need to hold on to the power button in the middle for 6 seconds, and the blue light blinks whereby it'll search for any available bluetooth devices to be connected with. For my iPhone, all I I have to do is by going to the Settings menu, and click on the Bluetooth - as within seconds it connects so swiftly.

    On the left side of the headphone is quite similar control buttons - but they're all dummies coz they can't be used. However, the designer is brilliant as he try to balance it in term of its design. 

    At the bottom, there're two holes - the smaller one for the mic and bigger hole for the power source which connects to a USB port for charging. There's no battery required for it to function since internally there's a rechargable battery (which I don't know where it's located) making things even better. And the device also act as a wireless headset, therefore whenever there's any calls you can use the headphone to answer without having to pick up the phone itself.

    Function wise, the headphone can take up the signal up to 10 meters (which is according to the manual). But the best thing, it cuts through the walls too to a certain level. Since my house is a two-storey, I try to leave my phone downstairs and tested whether I can still listen to the music when I went upstairs. Surprisingly I can! How brilliant, though at times the sound breaks down at some intervals especially if I entered the room with the door closed , hence the signal became weak. Anyhow, it really does what it says on the box - wireless!

    Sound wise, to me it's okay since I'm not that particular on the bass or treble thing. It sounds good coz it's not too bassy nor it squeals like some cheap headphones. The sound has great balance.

    The battery life? I didn't really check coz I don't use it the whole day. With a full charge, I'm guessing probably it'll last about 12-15 hours? Which is not too bad after all... When the battery is about to run out, there'll be some 'beep' to warn you, and it'll keep going at some intervals until it stops functioning. It is when you really know you need to connect to the cord provided.

    So far, I'm happy with it coz it's truly cordless. No need to mess with any wires and stuff. Very simple to use, very easy to operate, very light and truly mobile, and looks quite good in its glossy finish. They come in many color choices like blue, white, red... so its up to you which color you desire.