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The King's Speech

    It's time for me to take the stage.

    Public speaking has been my thing for quite some time. I never felt nervous whenever I have to speak in front of an audience. Give me a mic, then I'll do my thing. If there's no mic, I still can do my thing - though I have to scream a little bit to let this voice out. My involvement in public speaking is not new since I've been doing it when I was in the primary school. Being a Head Prefect then, it came so natural for me to be able to recite the speech in front of hundreds of students. In fact, I can recalled there's one time I have to reenact a scene in a play for the sake of 'giving the audience a taste' of what's coming for the interschool drama competition that I've involved in.

    And then things rolled from there, as I've frequently being in the public eye not just in the secondary school, but also at Uni. From being in the school debate team (both Malay and English!), to being a deejay - talking in front of public is something I yearned for. When it comes to the career world, it's my nature of work to speak in front of the audience coz I teach. Nonetheless, I think lots of people at my uni also known me as the emcee since I've been emceeing in so many high profile events, both internal and externally. One time I remembered I shared a stage with the former PM - Tun Mahathir - in an event attended by not less than 3000 people. It was quite daunting, since only me and him in front of thousands, but I kinda find my calm in handling things down. (you have no idea how my knees shiver!!)

    Last week I decided to take the centre stage and give a speech in the event that I'm chairing. Normally, I don't wanna be in the spotlight when it comes to the students' activities, where I just let the Project Director to do his things instead. But given the fact that the event has been rebranded and with many things going on, as well as receiving so many questions by my colleagues on 'why the need to change the name??' thing - I decided that my speech could explain just that. 

    It took me a couple of days to think about the concept of my speech, yet when it comes to really pen it down, the text is done within just 10 minutes. I presumed every points that's been swirling in my head has been let out into those paragraphs. The result - a four-pages manuscript for about 10-mins period. Not that bad I guess.

    There was about 300 people in the audience including the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy VC + participants and guests (quite a low key ceremony). I think everything went smoothly. But what surprised me when I return to my seat, the DVC reached me out, and shook my hand saying 'that's a good speech! give me one copy!'. I'm quite stunned but delighted nonetheless. Yet, what is even surprise me is when the event is over and we walked out from the hall : lots of people complimented me how great the speech was. I was quite bemused really since I think what I wrote is just simple things.

    Btw, I think that's what happen if you give a blogger a chance to recite a speech - he/she will rock it, definitely! :)

    Anyway, in case you're wondering what's in the speech, well, here is some of the excerpts. Some part here and there I picked from the four-pages manuscripts I wrote. Pretty simple and easy to understand. Just like this blog too! Since the event is about the design exhibition, having being involved in it myself for more than 7 years (as a judge and 'observer'), plus me myself have won four design awards previously; I think I pretty much know what I'm talking about. =)

    ".........To me, the essence of design begins with the basic principle, which is simplicity. As Leonardo da Vinci used to say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Because at the end of the day, you want is a product that is simple to be used, or simple to operate. However, to achieve that simplicity, is not that easy because one must understand the concept of balance. A designer need to strike a balance in any aspect of his/her design methodology. In fact, science is all about balance. Engineering is also about balance. We talk about the balance of electron in the atomic orbital that calls for its stability. We talk about balance in a chemical reaction equation for it to reach equilibrium. We talk about balance in the First Law of Thermodynamics. We talk about balance when dealing with the conservation of mass, energy, and force. Indeed the concept of balance in Science and Engineering is highly emphasized.
    In design, a designer has to balance between the engineering & technical aspects with the aesthetics of the product; its functionality with its ease of use. A balance between its economic contributions with the environmental impact. A balance between its practicalities with its sustainability. It’s really about the balance. In fact, it is in line with ______ Brand Essence itself – Energy Receives, Energy Returns – which indeed emphasizing on the concept of balance.
    ........ we have reintroduce the category for the primary and secondary schools. In order to extend the innovative culture to the surrounding community, the Organizing Committee which is through our Science Ambassadors, has coordinated a ‘Reach-Out Program’ to the school students within the vicinity of the campus in order to get their involvement in the creative and innovative activities.  This is also aligned with the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of the University, and also the Prime Minister’s vision to develop and implement strategies to stimulate and support innovation in Malaysia. It is hoped that through this activity, we will help to support sustainable innovation to both develop and galvanize Malaysian future entrepreneurs and innovators.
    ........ I would like to encourage you to visit all booths to really notice how creative and innovative our generations are. I also would like to point that last semester, the booths arrangement is designed like a herringbone structure – a symbolic meaning to the ‘moving forward’ of this event. .....the booths are designed like a star shape*, which epitomises that ‘a new star’ is born. It also reflects the star in the Malaysian flag – our homage to the month of August, the month of Malaysia's Independence.
    .........May this event be your first stepping stone in sustaining the innovative culture in your life. While you are having a good time showcasing your researches and innovations, please do not forget to protect your ideas. Your intellectual property is indeed worth more than you could think of!"
    See, how simple the speech was. I dunno how it touches the audience hearts? Hmmm...

    I'm wearing River Island slimfit suit in graphite + taupe Asos shirt + stripe knitted tie from Uniqlo + Jimmy Choo boots.