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Masai Scarf to Benefit the Famine Victim

    The Vogue's magazine darling designer, Thakoon has just released a limited-edition scarf to help aid the draught and famine victim of Somalia. It's one good cause to be doing that since all proceeds will go to help the people who're worst hit by the tragedy. If you haven't known what's the condition out there in one of Africa's poorest country, then head down to Unicef website or Oxfam to learn more.

    The scarf is inspired by the Masai tribe in Africa, by which the designer is actually using the leftover plaid fabric which he did for his recent collection with the same theme (and color!). It cost $250 each, and as I previously mentioned 100% of all proceed will be channelled towards helping the victims.

    Anyway, I am quite surprise to see it at the first time since it brought a sense of deja vu without a doubt. How? The look and all is very similar to what Kim Jones did for Louis Vuitton for the Spring/Summer 2012 that are previously paraded in Paris. The vibrant color is the same, plus the patterned checks are also similar. Both are equally beautiful as I love anything that has some ethnic element behind it. Yet, I can't dare to say who is copying whom, since both are inspired by the Masai tribe.

    Don't believe me? Then see the last pix. You think the person in the photo really wears a Louis Vuitton?

    [pix from various sources]