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Micheal Kors 'Runway' Chrono Watches

    One thing I loike about chronograph watches is that it made me look much masculine when I slipped into one. I think it's all because of its bulky appearance with the extra buttons or knobs alongside the typical crown which elevate the look to be quite 'roughen-up' without having to wear any combat attire. There're plenty of chrono watches out there, but most comes with too ornate dials on the outer part of the case with so much thing going on. I like something quite plain and simple, but still manage to function as a chrono and having all that 3 minidials within its face.

    One designer brand that look quite cool is Michael Kors, with its array of chronograph watches under the range 'Runway'. Pretty nice to look at as the outer section of the case is not scripted with numbers or 'ticks'. Just plain. Inside, only even numbers are spelled out making it less crowded (which somehow reminds me of Marc Jacobs watch!).

    They come in different variations - the silicone/rubber and stainless steel bracelets, and variety of colors including the multi-tonal.

    [pix from nordstrom]