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Raf Simon Horsehair Desert Boots

    Horsehair (and ponyhair) has been used quite a lot not only in fashion, but also in the bedding industry. Recently I saw a mattress has an element of horsehair on its padding, which is believed to be able to control the body temperature while you're sleeping. The use of horsehair in bedding is not new coz its dated back since the 1800s. I read it somewhere that horse hair is one of the few natural materials that is comfortable to sleep on that doesn't absorb any water. When you have enough curled horse hair in a pile with springs and surrounded by breathable fabric, it creates a springy cloud that allows air and moisture to move right through it. So you don't ever wake up sweaty and overheated compared to the way you would in a cheaper mattress. It allows you to sleep continuously without being disturbed by your body's normal temperature changes and sweat. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

    When it comes to fashion, the last time I saw horsehair being used is when I went to celebrate my Eid in Paris back two years ago. I was walking down Rue Royale when suddenly stuck to a bag by the window at Gucci, which is made by horsehair. [click] It's gorgeous, coz the hair adds a much dramatic feature to it which you don't see on a typical smooth leather would. Something like 'fringe' but a natural one.

    And now, on the footwear side - this desert boots by Raf Simons looks amazing in its black horsehair. Though the shoes has that 'Clark' vibes all over it, somehow the appeal comes from the texture created by the hair. It glows unpretenciously, as the sheen of the hair reflect lights in its own way. And mentioning hair, when you glide your fingers onto the shoes, that silky smooth feel could never do you wrong!  

    [pix from oki-ni]