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Raya 2011: Balik Kampung...

    It's time to pack stuff and go back to the hometown for Eid. It's what we call balik kampung! Though I used to say I can celebrate Eid anywhere in the world, with whoever I can... but none can match celebrating it with your own family. It's the ultimate joy without a doubt. Especially when you have siblings and cousins that rivalled the number of members in the Super Junior, and nephew and nieces that can really made up more than 7 football teams - this year is truly gonna be another BigFat celebration again. 

    So, packing things up is truly not my specialty coz I tend to go excess luggage. Well, the holiday is more than a week anyway, would you expect me to wear the same thing everyday? No way, Jose Marinho! With me just started packing that very morning before making my move, things would definitely won't be looking 'light' when it comes to the number of bags.

    How many bags I'm taking with me? Not much, just 3 weekender bags. My Jimmy Choo for my baju raya (I have 6 pairs, okay!). My Emporio Armani to fill in just the t-shirts and the other tops. And my SEED for the trousers. Not bad huh, for someone who's living 'small'! And of course, to add to the list is the Key Ng denim tote for the techno stuff like chargers, cameras, battery pack and other gadgets; plus my Zara mock croc bag for the daily stuff like netbook, iPad, wallet, etc...etc. Shoes would be in the other 'case'... making the back of the boots truly pack with stuff! Well, it's just me in my car - so that wouldn't be a problem.

    As in previous years prior my departure to London, it's a tradition to buy some raya cookies from my favorite bakery - the Roti Segar or Rosegar located at their main 'factory' in Air Tawar, Perak. They got lots of cookies ranging from the traditional delicacies to the 'modern' versions which is normally served during the raya day.

    If previous years I tend to buy the Almond London cookies, this time I decided to change a bit. My picks for Raya 2011 are the chocolate rose - made of fully milk chocolate and moulded into the shape of roses; the biskut inano - made of Nestum and dessicated coconut, and the biskut senandung coklat - the one in square shaped which is made with cocoa powder and sprinkled with chocolate rice. They're quite cheap compared to the other that I can find in normal Raya bazaar. And the best part, they're all delish!

    I just hope this year's gonna be the best one. There're lots more open houses to attend (including the one my sis is organizing), and also reunion session which will be held by my classmate whom I haven't met for the last 18 years. It's gonna be awesome....!