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Raya 2011 : It's All About Pantone Color of the Year!

    So. It's been more than a week now that everyone around the world are fasting in this holy month. It means, there'll be another three weeks to go before everybody start to celebrate Eid, or raya as what we the locals said it here. This year it's gonna be totally different for me coz I'm back to the country after being away for so long. About four years to be exact, and Eid celebration back there in London is nothing but meh! No baju raya, no biskut raya and all... but there still lemang and ketupat since the HiComm house back there in Hampstead always did their open house on the first day of Eid. It's kinda cool, but nothing compared to what I have it in Malaysia itself!

    Talking about raya, this year I got to wear baju raya again which I am absolutely excited about. It's been swirling into my head for quite some time now that I dunno what theme should I go for. Or should I set a theme, after all - that is the more appropriate statement I should've said instead. I haven't bought new baju Melayu for a very long time ever since I've abandoned the tailored ones coz I hate the way it's being made. The last time I bought my baju raya is back in 2006, from Parkson coz I think off-the-shelves baju Melayu is better; the fit is nicer on my body compared to what my tailor used to sew. In fact, it's cheaper coz if I brought for it to get made, not only the cost of the fabric is a whopper, the tailor charge is also quite ridiculous. Not to mention the time taken which is quite a period of waiting! In the end, why bother? Better go to the store around the country and bought a ready-made instead.

    Anyway, talking about the baju raya theme. I actually haven't got a clue what color I wanna go for. I haven't set it in my head when I went for a quest the other day. I just let nature plays its role... and what comes along with it, and made me go oooh, that looks nice! - then, that'll be the one.

    And voila! I found it. I have to say I really have to 'dig' among the hangers of clothes to finally found what I truly love. It's buried somewhere behind the stall that sells it, among hundreds of other clothes which by any human standard they would not do what I do - to really scrutinize each and every pieces and suddenly found that 'diamond in the rough'.

    And it's awesome. The fabric is silky shiny and reflect the light pretty nicely. Great if I wanna do the family portait on the Eid morning. It's kinda like organic cotton in a way, with the textured look that give more character to it. And I bought a sampin tenun that goes harmoniously with the baju Melayu, which made it appear much fresher. It has quite a number of colors which made it versatile if later on I wanna pair it with other color of my baju Melayu.

    Oh, what's the theme? It's all about the Pantone Color of 2011. The deep teal of my baju Melayu and 'bamboo' that appears on the sampin are the Pantone colors for Fall/Winter 2011. While the blue curacao is one of the Pantone colors for SS11.I'm kinda like doing the current and future trend all in one go. Why not, after all it marks my return to celebrate Eid in this country - so, I'd better do it in style, right?

    Anyway, that ensemble is my baju raya #1. More to come...