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Raya 2011 : It's Pantone Color Again.

    Another baju raya for Aidilfitri 2011. It's not a new baju raya though, coz this one is from the previous years. I seldom make baju raya annually coz unlike the ladies with their baju kurung, I think it's weird for men to wear baju Melayu on daily basis to work (unless you work at Majlis Agama!). The most that we can do, is to wear it on casual Fridays, or to the Friday prayer. That's it. So, I normally just reuse what I have before so that it won't be a waste. At least, I'm doing my part in the 3R thing: reduce, reuse... and ROCKS!

    The only new thing in that ensemble is the sampin songket which I got from Qamilla at SACC, Shah Alam. When I was roaming around in its truly gorgeous, chic, all white little boutique (located nearby Salikin Sidek's), my eyes suddenly stuck on the amazing white sampin songket that's hanging on the ladder-like counter right before I was about to walk out. There're lots of other whites, but this one really hits the note. Simple, with wonderful songket floral pattern in silver threads against a lush white background - nothing scream luxury and chic like it is. The fabric is very light unlike the typical classic songket, a little bit like tenun in a way. And the best part, it's cheap... which I can't believe the price given the nature of the boutique that looks everything expensive!

    When I went back home I find its perfect match. My silver Teluk Belanga baju Melayu in its silky smooth, hi-sheen fabric. An awesome pair. What is even better, the color scheme seems to follow one of the Pantone Colors of Spring/Summer 2011 - Silver Cloud! What more 'fashion' I could ask for?