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Raya 2011: Le' Butang...

    Searching for a baju Melayu for Eid is only partial of the excitement. The other excitement is looking for the kain sampin that compliments the colors and the appearance of the ensemble. And to complete the outfit is finding the perfect 'butang' or the studs to fasten the collar of the baju Melayu coz without it, the whole look will definitely look messy, if not sloppy.

    My quest for the butang is quite a challenge coz almost every stalls and stores that I went to are selling almost the same thing, probably because they're from the same supplier. Have to keep my eyes really open wide though since searching for the one is not easy. Every box has to be 'inspected', every details has to be 'checked', as I have a set of preemptive thoughts about what would made me choose the right one. But thankfully, as I have such a preying eyes myself, these studs or butang really caught my attention coz they're quite different from the rest that I saw recently.

    The most important, the price is about RM10! Who can beat that cheap...? :)

    the flower studs with black gemstones @ Tesco

    the butang with single, black gemstones @ Jusco

    the studs with white pearls @ bazaar Aidilfitri, Greentown Ipoh