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Raya 2011 : Time to Bring the Bling

    Eid is gonna be another 8 to 9 days more, depending on how the moon forecast going to be. I think everyone around the world has now pumped up their preparation for the big day as this is the final week fasting - from searching for the ensembles to wear, the shoes, the songkok, to making the the delicacies, prep for the home decor, etc...etc.

    This year, I dunno whether I'm feeling excited or not coz I kinda miss the simple way of celebrating Eid in London for the past 4 years without the hassle to think about new clothes and everything. Not even kuih raya or baju raya which to me quite a blessing; no waste of money. To me it's not where you celebrate it or with whom you celebrate it with - but the most important is how you celebrate the month of Syawal. The happiness really relies inside you since only you and only you can define whether the way you celebrate Eid is the one that you long for. If you think that celebrating Eid with your family is what makes you happy, by all means do it. If not... then find an alternative way. After all these years, I think you can throw me anywhere in the world, with whoever I'm with to be festive on that big day; it doesn't matter coz being happy is actually a state of mind.

    Anyway, regardless of what I'm saying; this year I'm celebrating Eid in this very country with its multiracial and multicultural citizen. Since I've been told I'm partly mix-brood myself (I'm Malay, with a hint of Indian and Thai-blood) I wanted to channel my minor Indian ethnicity in myself. Hence I've decided to wear the Indian costume as what I've also wore in my previous Eids before. And voila... I got a perfect ensemble to do just that. This is the hint of how the clothes gonna be - it's a fully embroidered-front churidar kurta that's a true bling bling. When I found it at a store in Little India in Ipoh, I knew it right through that it's gonna be mine. The fit is perfect, the fabric is very light and breathable which suits the weather and the most important the design is awesome. Very edgy, quite a modern take, it has buttons on the fronts with a neo-Nehru collar, a very high slits on the sides which give a hint of sexiness. It's fully made in Mumbai, India (Bollywood, beb!) and hand-picked by the shopowner herself. I am quite stunned coz the shopowner really knew my size just by looking at me without asking.

    "This is your size, and I have this one special just for you - the only one in the shop" she said, which made me more excited.

    So there - I'm hoping the bling could lift my mood this Eid. Aminnn....

    Oh, to go with that I'm thinking of pairing it with the studded shoes from H&M. Kinda suit the bling theme of the year! Since the shoes is quite slim itself, it would be perfect with the slim-leg of my trousers.

    Mentioning Little India in Ipoh, I've just learned something which made me so happily surprised. During my quest of finding the ensemble, I hopped on to many stores before. One of it sells not only the kurta or jippa, but also sells hoards of beautiful fabrics too which is straight came from Mumbai. You can choose the fabric and they'll made it for you that very time. You can also customize it as you with, with embellishment, with border on the sleeves and the lower hem, the type of collar etc..etc. And the surprising part when the salesgirl told me "it will be completed in one hour".

    One hour?? Are you kidding me? That's manic, but surprisingly good news especially for always busy people like me who always want things very fast. It's awesome! (now I know how Primark London really stocks their products in store very quickly, coz their labour are from India!)

    Oh, fyi. Little India has so many gorgeous saris too... and rumor has it former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra and some other Bollywood actresses also shop there before! Whaat..?