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Saying Goodbye. Saying Hello...Welcome!

    Time to say goodbye to something that has been bothering me for quite so long. Remember this pix of my temporary 'walk-in wardrobe' that I've been having ever since. Yes, that one. It has been an issue whenever there're guest coming to stay in the house, coz everytime I had to move the hangers away which is quite daunting. It's a lot of stuff, thus a lot of effort need to put into to make way for some space for the guests to sleep. Not to mention it does cause some clutter, though if I shut the bedroom door out - of course, I won't be seeing it. Period.

    old 'wardrobe'

    Now, I had to really bid farewell to it... even if the 'wardrobe' do look so damn cool; which reminds me a lot to the stores that I used to roam around in the street of London. H&M, Topman, Uniqlo, River Island, Benetton, Zara, Gucci, Armani, etc..etc.. There're good memories.

    But, it's time to grow up, a period of change, a time for transformation coz that's what being mature is all about too. And I am utterly delighted to finally realize my dream that I have been planning on the blueprint last five years ago - to construct my own built-in wardrobe on the space in that same bedroom. And voila! It happened just how I envisioned it before.

    It's glossy white, it fills the entire space that I've planned, and the best part - the six-doors, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe really fits all my clothes on the former rails. And it has more spaces on the upper section for my bags and all the shoe boxes that previously has been cluttering everywhere in the room.

    And to have this all right in the beginning of Ramadhan - the first Ramadhan in this country, in my own home, after more than 4 years away - what better way to really have that change. A good change.

    This is just the beginning, coz there're definitely more wardrobes to be built! :)

    (If i missed the old 'walk-in', I can always watched my YouTube)