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Sniper Alert : It's My Choo!

    Whoever took this snap of me is truly brilliant. I don't even realized that someone is snapping my pix during the closing ceremony of the event last week. It's amazing... and tell a lot of story. Story of who's the lady in lilac? Why is she ducking down by my side? And who's the lady with the green floral? Why am I there?

    Well, there's nothing to worry and gossip about. I think this snap was taken during which I was talking to my usherette (in lovely lilac baju kurung), trying to send a message to my event organizer who's standing nearby the podium. That's why she's almost sitting down listening to what I said coz being a Chairman, I still need to make sure everything is going alright. If I'm not mistaken this is during which the Deputy Vice Chancellor was giving his speech on the stage. And on my left, in green floral is my colleague - the Dean of the Faculty, and also the leader of my research group - who's also going on stage handing out prizes to the winners.

    What I love about this snapshot is how it features the denim/linen slimfit trousers of my double-breasted suit from Asos, though it's a bit blurry. Nonetheless it's beautiful shot. And the best part - thank God I'm wearing my Jimmy Choo boots. That's a big plus! :)

    [to the real owner of this pix, sorry for songlap-ing the photo. it's too awesome to be ignored!]