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Something for the Weekend...

    So, what are doing for weekend? Going somewhere? Doing something? Last weekend I get my new wardrobe built by my talented neighbor. The previous two weeks I'm at my hometown, for quite a long break. Previous, previous weekend I have to go to the capital - showing my presence and supporting my team members in receiving the multi-million dollar research grant from the government. It's awesome. 

    This weekend? I got some plan to go away again for a little quest of something. I can't tell  what's what - if I made it, then it should be a success. If not, I will keep on looking for... the one. =)

    Anyway. Whatever you're doing this weekend our friend at Asos is giving us some hint : do it in style. Either you wanna rock your weekend in a relaxed, nonchalance attitude in shorts and tee, or go for preppy college dude, or thinking about nautical mood, or even as a sporty jock - make sure you do it stylishly. Here Asos laid out some lookbook whichever mood you're feeling. And the best of all, you got it all at Awesome.

    So. My quest - let's see if it's a success.

    [pix from asos]