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The Topman & The Hare Story

    I know most of you have read the childhood story 'The Tortoise and the Hare'. But in fashion world, we have a different kind of story 'The Topman and the Hare' which is much, much more interesting. What's the story is all about? It's about the collaboration between the menswear highstreet label, Topman and one of the most celebrated London-based shoemaker, Marc Hare that is releasing a great array of shoes end of this month (it could probably out today?!).

    Under the brand 'Mr Hare', the shoes are known to be very young, edgy, contemporary and has all that cool factor about it. From the lace ups that combine multi-material such as suede with patent and smooth leather, to the buttoned boots in its first debut collection a couple of years ago, men's shoe-holic like me really look into owning some of the footwear. I think, Marc Hare would probably gonna be the new Jimmy Choo when it comes to the men's shoes. The only problem - they're too damn pricey! But that doesn't mean his previous collections to date never being bought - on the contrary, they're always clear off the shelves very quickly!

    When Topman decided to collaborate with Mr. Hare for the new Topman AAA pieces, I think many men out there really putting their hands in the air and scream yes!! The shoes are so fun to look at, not to mention they look like a million dollar. A huge range from the lace-ups to the boots again, in addition to the trainers too - those would definitely be the most wanted items prior September comes. What is even better, the prices are a fraction of Mr. Hare's original collection! Who can beat that collab? One word: love 'em!! (okay, that's two words, ha!)

    Really, I have to PM my mate, Rizal in London to buy me those beauties... Or, are there anyone out there in London willing to help me instead?!

    P/S: Still can't wait how's the Versace for H&M collection gonna be. That's also one exciting thing to look at!

    [pix via selectsim and metro uk]