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Upgrade Your Travel Style

    What is synonymous with August? No, not the August Man magazine (though I am now officially its monthly subscriber); but the month August. Summer break, defintely. I remember many of my colleague back then in the UK went off for their holiday during this month, and left the building almost empty with nobody around (except me, and some other Asian students doing our stuff in the lab). I dunno why August become the month where people really took their time off. Maybe because the summer season really in its peak this month, or is it because most schools also are having their midterm break in August too. No wonder there's a lot of tourist in London everytime August arrived, which always jam-packed the Tube like sardines in a can. And that's why there're lots of idiots too who 'stand on the left' on the escalators - an absolute sign that they are the indeed tourists! (Londoners always stand on the right whenever they take the escalators, fyi).

    Anyway, mentioning summer break, holidaying at the Riviera is one of the must-do for the rich and famous. What you're wearing during your time away is as much important as your holiday destinations. Awashed on the catwalks last year are the nautical theme, which gives off that marina feel, or the look when you lounge around on the desk of the cruise ship or on your yacht, or at least the kind of look when you take a stroll along the shoreline with your other half.

    In the previous issue of Shortlist magazine, navy and white are not the only staples you can rock the nautical theme. Now other hues such as moss green and neutral tones like sand and beige could also be added to give a fresher feel to the whole outlook. The most important is how you pair things together so that the relaxed feel by the sea would make you appear stylish and on-trend as always.

    [pix from shortlist]