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What Women Want... Us to Wear

    Ever wonder what women really like to see on us, men? Nope, not just sans the clothes (hehe..) but something that made us look much presentable. Someone who's not afraid not just to look good, but also be able to pull of clothes very well without screaming 'tacky' on the forehead. And also who brave with colors and prints, as well as to accessorize coz every little details really adds up to the whole ensemble.

    These are a little list of what Leigh Lezark - the lady of the Misshapes who recently 'curated' the collection for H&M @ Selfridges and also the future H&M collaborator - who told how can a man 'please' the ladies' eyes. It's all about simple things, yet something that really whispers 'style' without trying too hard.

    I think Miss Lezark should go and scramble inside my wardrbe to really notice how I can really 'please' any ladies! (no pun intended...ngggg! :D)

    [pix from mr. porter]