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Zara 'Young' Fall/Winter 2011 Ad Campaign

    What's the different between Zara 'Young' and Zara 'Man' main line? It's more to the feel between the two. Zara Man is usually much sharper and got so many tailorings, while Zara Young is more towards casual and nonchalance, pretty laid back attitude. It's not necessarily for the younger generations, coz somehow anyone who are young at heart can alsways rock in Zara Young. Agree?

    For Zara Young Fall/Winter 2011, I'm feeling quite nostalgic coz somehow the styling smells a bit of London. Anywise, there're some Blighty going on there : skinny silhouettes from the skinny jeans and the mod slim jacket, to the updo hair ala rock'n roll, and the wearing of those boots with the full ensemble - those look are a staple for most Londoners. Or at least, those whom you found in front of Topman Oxford Circus! Or at Whitechapel area and Spitalfields. I love the mix of sharp and casual pieces, giving a sense of great relaxed feel. It's the London look....!

    Anyway, one piece that is to die for: THAT red leather jacket. Isn't it reminds me to the Balmain studded pin jacket worn by Arizona Muse in the previous Vogue March issue (but sans studs 'n pins)? One word: WANT!

    [pix from zara]