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Arch's Wood Veneer Fridge Magnets

    The first time I found its kiosk early this year at the Concourse Level in KLCC was the time when I straight away fell in love with what I'm seeing. Though it was just a tiny stall among all others located in the middle of the people's path towards the underground LRT station, I knew that it was very special indeed. So, I stopped to have a look at the products on display and was amazed with what Malaysian art has got to offer. I didn't buy anything coz then I was in a rush, so I thought probably in my next visit to KLCC I could probably get something they sell over there.

    Fast forward to a couple of days ago, I went to 1Utama in Damansara for a quick shopping visit. Upon having a detour to find the Starbucks, I stumbled upon the same thing to what I previously saw at KLCC. Even better, it's not a kiosk but a proper store. It's Arch Collection, which sells the art and crafts made of wood veneer; designed and made in this very dear country by those talented people who are very innovative and creative.

    If the first time I saw the stuff on display at KLCC, I was already utterly impressed; being at their store in 1Utama made me truly blown away with everything they got in there. It's amazing to see how they can create the arts and all the souvenirs everything from wood! There're many things - from the bookmark to the wall art, the diaries and the desktop accessories to the notebook decorated with the wooden carvings... they made me drool. I just love everything! Too bad I already shopped a lot previously, the only thing I think sensible for me to bring back are these fridge magnets.

    They got even sooo many fridge magnets and I'm spoilt with choices. So, I thought for this very first visit I just brought home a couple of them which looks pretty cool. If you look closer, you would've notice the wood grain gives kinda texture to the background. It's awesome. Though prices at RM9 each, I think the fridge magnets are worth buying. 

    Oh, fyi... when i asked the salesperson, can I have something customised? Could they do something very personalised which is not sold in the store? And the answer is : absolutely! I can send my own design to them, and they'll made it for me. It may take around 3 - 4 weeks, but it's totally gonna be worth every cents!

    My next visit to the store, I think I'm gonna rembat that wooden-carved Sultan Abdul Samad building wall art I saw hanging beautifully, spanning almost 6-feet wide on the wall. That one my friend, if you too saw it - is an absolute drool-tastic! Maybe for that one I can just close my eyes if I pay the RM3000 price tag! Huhu... But who knows, in 5 to 10 years down the line, that wall art will be a great investment? :)