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Bias Wrap

    If last season I am all over the cropped jogger - which seen me buying those sweatpants from Voi @ Standout - this time around I think the trend for the pants would have to be the bias-wrap. Once made popular by the likes of Issey Miyake, Dries Van Noten and Yohji Yamamoto a couple of seasons ago, the bias-wrap bottom reappear and made you look as if you're wearing a hybrid of a kilt and a trousers since one end of the drop-crotch is slung towards the side of the waist. I know it's not the cup of tea of many, but I have to say I love the look coz this is what men's fashion is all about. You tweak a little bit of what's already there, and voila... a new design is created!

    I need to visit Seed in the coming months to get my hands on those ...

    [pix from seed]

    Oh, mentioning Seed reminds me of the Padini Holdings who's giving away the discount vouchers to spend in the month of September. They're available at the back of the Padini trend booklet that comes free with some magazines like Eh! and Female. Better be quick if you wanna get some prices slashed off your shopping basket in your next visit to the Padini Concept Stores...!