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BigFatSnoop : +J Uniqlo Final Collection

    Jil Sander's work for Uniqlo, +J , is finally in-store throughout its flagship store worldwide last week. It's the final collection that celebrate the best of simplicity from the German designer with the Japanese affordable fashion line after more than two years collaborating together. I have to say it's kinda sad and nostalgic coz it somehow brought some great memories to me when it was first hit the highstreet back in 2009. I love the collection, its simple sihouette, the no-fuss design which is synonymous with Jil Sander herself. But hey, something has to come to an end somehow.

    Anyway, I got a chance to really had a snoop to what the collection is all about when I visited Uniqlo flagship store at Fahrenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang, KL. As what I've seen and experienced in the past +J pieces in the previous seasons, there're mix bags on what the collection got to offer. Variations of suits and outerwear, formal and casual, and a collection of accessories like belts and scarves. Collectively I really love this time around compared to in recent season coz they're all about the celebration of the luscious and gorgeous material like cashmere, tweed and selectively better wool, higher-thread-counts cottons, and very soft, high quality jersey.

    These are some pieces that I picked to try, which are the one I previously wrote in my previous blogpost. [click]. Not everything is in store yet as some will be stocked as the season goes by. I'd have to say these clothes looks and feels amazing. The wool shawl collar wool knitted jacket felt very snuggably luxe. The pleated front shirt and the diagonal hem slimfit shirts are awesome, though I'm slightly confused why I have to try the medium size compared to the current small from my previous +J shirts (I think Malaysian 'medium' = European 'small'!). The t-shirt, I kinda dig it as coz that diagonal hem that went slightly towards the front is kinda unique on its own. And above all - as a true Jil Sander +J's spirit, the fit is either skinny or slim - which is fantastic!

    My only problem; dang... just look at the price tag!? Now I wish I could buy 'em in London, in pound sterling coz at least the number is 'smaller' (though the conversion is still the same, ahaks!)

    Btw, I'm still waiting for the tweed jacket to be in-store, coz that one my friend, is a definite must-have!

    As I mentioned, those in Malaysia can only find it at Uniqlo flagship store at Fahrenheit 88. Fyi, the store spans to three floors and maintains the look as what I've seen either in London or Paris. Oh, after you go to Uniqlo, do drop by at Sephora just across the street. Or to Pavillion KL, in front of the store. That'll be a fantastic outing for you, no doubt! :)

    I love that Uniqlo do offer free alteration for the trousers, just like in London!