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Blogging Straight from the Blogger Apps

    Okay, here's the deal. You know I'm always with my iPhone and iPad all the times, right? Can't live without 'em, won't live without 'em. And so as my love for blogging. But, as much as I do love updating my own blog, I don't necessarily sitting in front of the PC on a daily basis to bring you that continuous stream of posts. Hell no. Just like what I once told my blogger friend, Intan some time ago that most of my blogposts are actually 'scheduled'. (oops, i think you now know how 'tertipah' you're too, yikes!)

    Coz usually in the weekend when I took my time off from working, that's the only time I can actually write most of blogposts. I can write 30, 40 posts without any problem since in my head there's a huge explosion of ideas that is neverending. Yet, i 'strategically' schedule it to be published on different time, different dates coz if I do publish 'em all in a day then you readers might be bored during the course of the week as there's nothing more to read. Right? And that's why some people do mention "rajin giler mamat ni update blog tiap2 hari", whereas the truth is it's not entirely true. That's what I call 'fashion forward'... coz I can project which blogpost might be suitable to be out there on which date.

    But of course, at times i do post on 'that particular day' basis esp those breaking news which I can't keep long. For the rest, better do it scheduled instead since to be sitting in front of the PC, to edit those pixs, to write, to find good internet connection for it to be published and etc... on daily basis; well, ko ingat aku xder kerja lain ker? I do have other thing to do too you know. It's called 'LIFE'.

    But now with the new official 'Blogger' iPhone app from Google, I think I might blog in realtime, since for sure my phone and iPad are directly connected to the web (via the simcard). The only difference is that, it probably can't do any Italic or bold letters coz there aren't any (or maybe I haven't fully explore the app yet). It also can't do proper aligning of the paragraphs. As for the image, there's a button on the bottom of the page to attach the photos. I hope it might work, though I think the photo might not be blown up to the entire page... here we go.

    So, is it a good thing that this free app by Google finally enable bloggers to update their blog in realtime without having to access the PC? I think so. At least when you go out travelling and find something interesting to share straight away, snap the pix and it's ready to be published in the blog.

    And oh, fyi... you can still do 'scheduled' post too since there's always that 'save' button. ;)