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Currenly Loving: Rick Owens 'Doppia' T-Shirt

    What can I say. I love something that's unique. Like this long-sleeve t-shirt by Rick Owens which is codenamed 'Doppia'. It looks very drapey with the asymmetric gathers to one side, and quite lightweight though this cotton-jersey tee is actually double-layered. The color is very understated and simple which can speak fot itself without being too loud. I also love the spinal hem on the back, giving that little extra to this t-shirt. Rick Owens is known for his 'underworld' collection for its edgy, slightly avant garde pieces. Though this one is not too avant garde or over the top, but nonetheless it breathes the essence of Mr Owens who love designing pieces that he himself wear.

    Price? Costing 295 Euro, it's too much for a tee. I just wish Asos could come up with the highstreet version in a much better value for the wallet!

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