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Currently Loving: Maldini Tobacco Green Suede Boots

    Off season or new season, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's being sold somewhere out there - that's all that matters to me. Sometimes it's better to buy things off-season, coz they're much cheaper. Though you might not be absolutely in-trend currently (which can make you a absolutely fashion victim), but somehow fashion too is all about 'the return'. Things you may see today might reappear sooner or later and being 'recycled' into another incoming seasons.

    Mentioning the 'return', I've been seeing the comeback of suede shoes these days, either on the red carpets or on the runways. As much as it look quite 'non-flashy' to be worn in front of the flashing bulbs' papparazzis, suede always have that certain charm in them which is very endearing nonetheless. kinda velvety texture which has a tendency to reflect light in a certain way - that's to me what draws me to me.

    This boots by Maldini with a bit of crossover straps might just hit the notes pretty well. Especially the color - tobacco green - which become a big trend lately and gonna continue towards the Fall/Winter 2011 season as well. I like the color combination of brown leather straps (or is it army green?) and tobacco green suede which go well together. Also the almond toe front that is much more contemporary for the modern dudes who'd like look understatedly chic.

    [pix from yoox]