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Currently Loving : Sleeveless Hoodie

    Does hoodies now receiving such a bad rep ever since the riot happened in the UK recently? Probably yes, probably no. Yes, because most of the youths that involved in making the havoc, burning stuff and looted people and shops are mostly wearing hooded sweatshirts, which somehow is becoming part of the 'uniform' for the geezers. But, maybe no too coz hoodies has been there for such a long time; even the famous sportsmen out there opted to wear hoodies as part of their dailywear. So, to really pinpoint that hoodie is really a bad item of clothing - I think that's so lame. To me, I love hoodies especially during the chill weather since the hood is perfect to protect anything neck up from the cool air.

    Apart from the typical hooded sweatshirt, I am now loving its other 'sibling' which I have to admit to be a very, very, very late follower recently. It's the sleeveless hoodies that is quite cool coz it give such an edge due to the non-sleeves existence. Nothing more I can say except that I just love the simplicity and sporty look of it. Pair it with a blazer, or tuck it underneath a shirt or a jacket, or even as a replacement for a waistcoat in a casual day - it can rock however I wish to.

    So, does sleeveless hoodie make a cut in having a bad rep too? As if I care to answer that question...

    sleeveless hoodie - Asos