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Different Designer, Similar Vibes : Carlos Campos vs. Dior Homme

    You think the world of fashion design is really big? Nah, I don't think so. People in that industry may call it fashion universe, but the inhabitants are not that many unfortunately. They might be roaming around like a creepy crawlers but somehow, somewhere, at certain instances some designer might be 'inspired' (the good word for imitate) by other designers too; coz we understand that there could be a brain drain when it comes to producing collections for more than twice a year (if you are lucky!). Hence, by looking at what other people across the continents are doing, there could be a case of 'aha! I wanna do that too!' moment.

    One good case of the inspiring-the-inspired is this one by Carlos Campos for Spring/Summer 2012. When I look at the pix with the asymmetric shirt, straight away my photographic memory think of Dior Homme that Kris Van Assche did in Spring/Summer 2011. The difference? The way the 'asymmetric front' and the sleeves are done. One is to the right, the other is to the left (to the left, to the left...sorry Beyonce, I copied your lyrics!). And one with proper short sleeves, another with cropped sleeve ala Master Shaolin. But with the look and all, through my eyes both have quite similar vibes.

    Yet, whatever it is the shirts looks pretty cool since I like something that's quite different than any typical one (though I much prefer the Dior Homme coz it looks more high fashion than the other!)

    Carlos Campos SS12
    Dior Homme SS11
    [pix from fy and gq style]