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Dior to the Workshop?

    Raise your hand, how many of you really wear a Gucci boots to the lab that's filled with splashes of oil and water and the absorbent granules all over the place? Or the Armani Chelsea boots to go to the nearby Tesco just to buy a loaf of bread? Or sometimes the Choo to the laundrette to wash the clothes? Call me crazy, but I'm all of the above. I think that's why some people I met who don't really know what I'm doing in real life would be mistaken that I'm a designer, instead of just a typical Chem Eng graduate student who  once get his hands dirty doing all fluid mechanics-related experiment in an underground bunker. I think it's not really what you do, but who you are as a person that matters. If you really wanna look good - despite whatever your career is - that's what you should do: look 'stylish' and put-together everytime you stepped out of your doorstep. Period. Agree?

    So, the day I decided to wear my Dior boots (again!) to compliment my skinny suits prior the previous Raya break was the day I couldn't believe that I'm gonna wear it not just to the office. In the morning I felt ooh, I look quite glam up today! moment... but as soon as I pushed the pedal of my SUV on the road, suddenly I'm feeling there's something wrong with the car (not with the shoes!). The sound of the tyres was just so wrong. It roamed so loud, so noisy that it disturbed the sound of Katy Perry's E.T on the speaker. I dunno what's happening, though I do understand that the car currently have a wheel problem.

    What did I do? Bring it to the specialist at the workshop, of course. I told the mechanic that car might have a problem with the bearing system, and he did agree after he took it for a spin himself (pandai jugak aku yer dlm hal2 kereta ni!). And voila... there I am, sitting down in the workshop for a frickin' three hours just to get one tyre to be fixed. In my skinny suits and the Dior boots. With the dirt from the lube oil and all that filled almost the entire floor area (it is floor? more to tanah jer actually!). But whatever lah, as long as my car is fixed , that's all that matter because I need to go home for a long break the day after.

    So, Dior to the workshop? Somehow I think I can make such a good editorial spread if some photographer is around (Wahahaha, berangan siot!).

    Oh,'s the same Dior boots worn by Baptiste Giabiconi before. [click!]