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Fashion's Night Out : Am I Missing Out?

    Two years 'covering' the Fashion's Night Out in London, I have to admit I really missed the event very much. So much so that I just wish I could fly over up north to the Blighty, contacted my former landlady and landlord - Anita and Moe, to stay over in the house, and really hit the streets in London for this time around. But unfortunately I can't coz the condition now is not permitted me to do so. (Boohoo, it's the work, people!). Otherwise, I could've roam around with the celebs and fashionistos and fashion bloggers, either in the highstreet stores or the designer outlets in the best shopping/fashion event of the year!

    Btw, I heard this year FNO went with a big bang again. Even massive than previous years coz lots of stores have jumped into the bandwagon and having such a fiesta in-store. Not only discounts are given to the shopaholics, but also goodies, food, vouchers and fashion shows are all being splashed out to the visiting audience. In London, New Bond Street has been closed from the trafiic to allow the pedestrians really enjoy their walk and ogling inside the designer stores without the hassle being run down by a car (except for the stretch of limos that are carrying the celebs to the location). You can check all the Facebook page of the stores to see what's really going on. It manic!

    Btw, am I really missing out the event? As much as I answer yes before, somehow some people won't allow me to do so. At least they sent me goodies to really commemorate the event. It's not from London though, but from New York instead which is equally fun. It's the Fashion's Night Out canvas bag by Brahmin - one of the official merchandise sold during the night. Thank's to the people at who really made me feel that at least I'm 'taking part' in the event.

    It's a very cool bag. Of all the special merchandise exclusively sold for FNO, I pick this one coz it's quite unisex. If I chose the t-shirt, there's a possibility it might not fit me well coz the American size won't be similar to the one I usually wear. With the bag, it's sizeless as it can be carried anyhow, anywhere I like. Love the natural canvas color and the tan leather handles of it. Simple look, but very practical. It's a great pick to really 'not missing out' the Fashion's Night Out.

    vest, jeans and scarf - all Uniqlo : wristbands - Burton

    And one great news, I got one to give out. If you think you might wanna win it, do read my next post. C'mon... let's be part of the Fashion's Night Out 2011 together!

    long-sleeve tee - +J collection at Uniqlo