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Flower Power at Duckie Brown SS'12

    New York Fashion Week has just ended and the entire crew of fashion editors and bloggers are now shifting their attention to London as the Brits gonna have their fair share of London Fashion Week for this another cycle. Today there will be the Man on Wednesday  show both at the British Fashion Council tent at Somerset House as well as around the capital that serve the audience the latest trend just for the menswear in the next Spring/Summer 2012.

    Forget about London for a while (or even Milan, coz some has already been in the Italian fashion capital for their turn), and let's rewind to what's happening in New York last week since it seems that the American counterpart has also given quite a show for SS2012 trend. Much braver attitude as some even venture into a territory that was not seen in the previous NYFW before. For instance is the one by Duckie Brown who sent off their models in something like a floral theme. Quite catchy (if not tacky and slightly creepy) to see men donned the floral print from top to toe, which appeared to be like a megaprint of roses and violets in a slightly abstract manner. Yes, it does catch your attention coz weaing floral is normally being encountered only among the ladies rather than any typical blokes. But again, this is fashion - sometimes you've gotta tap into the taboo and break the mould in order to really be 'out there'.

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    Though the use of floral is not a new thing anymore coz Jil Sander also did the same for previous season (as in the floral print tee and bags), this one by Duckie Brown maybe has gone a step further. Nevertheless, it brought some kind of deja vu to me coz what is done by Duckie Brown is actually I have encountered last year.

    Take a look at the floral shirt during my previous snoop at River Island in Spring 2010. Can you spot the similarities? Is this a case of high fashion try to copy highstreet, instead of the other way around?

    The floral shirt that I tried last Spring 2010 @ River Island.