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Hair It Like Beckham

    This would be a music to my ears after all, which I think I can prove to my mates like Rashed and Wei that I'm not the only person on the planet who cut my own hair. Yup, you heard it right - I do cut my own hair. If I can give a bigfat tap on my shoulder, I would... coz this year I can really celebrate a decade that I haven't visited the barber. It's all about me doing my own DIY. So, you can figure out how on earth I can save my dosh and afford that Gucci and Prada, huh?

    Apparently, David Beckham also did the same by which he did admit that he never spent any ridiculous £2000 for taming his mane. It's either he cut his hair himself, or his friends did. I think there's some truth in that coz doing a bald look is not hard after all since you can just shave it all off yourself just like what Demi Moore did in G.I Jane. But for other hairstyles, I think it's probably the magic hand of Beck's friend though. Friend, as in those people who have the title 'hairdstylist' stamp on their forehead, by whom would do it as a favor to him. That's what fame is for - getting free stuff, don't you think? Oh, how I wish I could be one too...

    Btw, after a decade trimming my own tresses; didn't I think I did a hell of a great job? At least the wellwishers do think so! [click!]

    [newsclip from metro uk]