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Inspiration/Translation : Copy Isabeli

    Have you seen the Mango Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign featuring Brazilian top model Isabeli Fontana? It's absolutely stunning, and she looks phenomenal! Though it's very simple that Isabelli was shot by Terry Richardson against a plain light-colored background, yet it has somehow raised the bar for the fast fashion label to be ahead when it comes to the highstreet campaign.

    One pix that I think is the most fantastic of all is this one which has been in most fashion mags lately. Isabeli looking very androgynous yet vampish in red lips with hair pulled back, and wearing a jacket which is somewhat looks ala the famous Chanel tweed and monochromatic from top to toe. Very chic, very stunning and you won't believe that the price tag of what she's wearing would definitely be dearer to the wallet of you ladies (the jacket is awesome. Trust me, I saw it in Mango @ Ipoh!)

    [pix from mango]

    For the guys out there who like the look of that monochromatic jacket... then you're lucky coz you can also translate that inspiration too. In my previous visit to SEED I stumbled upon this shirt, with the prints in irregular, monochromatic checks that looks almost tweed-like texture from afar. Though it's not a new design to me - coz apparently I saw Topman did the same thing last year, as well as Warehouse who made a Mad Men-inspired dress in the same prints - I love the shirt, nonetheless. The material is quite interesting, has slightly waxed feel. The fit is great, quite figure-skimming.

    So. Try to copy Isabelli's look? At least the pose is almost the same, ha! :)

    [thank you Padini for giving me the birthday voucher. It's truly worth it!]