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A Jacket for All Occassions

    There're reasons why I wear a blazer to the office on a daily basis. One reason is to prevent the chill aircond from freezing me up in the office coz I'm not a 'cold weather' kinda guy due to the lack of bodyfat myself (it's what I call insulation, nggg..!). The other, of course, is to look much more presentable compared to me just wearing a typical two-piece attire or, may God forbid, the hideous nylon jacket, coz you know everybody nowadays tend to inject a little bit of 'Mad Men' in them. There's another reason too, but I dare not share it here coz it got to do with me 'hiding something' from the masses. Something which I think may incite and causing certain people to be a bit... ehem.. no comment (ahaks!). Yet, for whatever reasons I think a blazer is a great addition to the office or casual attire since it elevate the look to be much more stylish and edgier than the rest who don't.

    There're many blazers out there, but which one should you wear? Would you pair the top and the bottom in the same color and fabrication which is what a typical suit is all about? Or, would you go differently as in wearing separates instead, just like what the Americans call it as 'sports jacket'. What about the fabric, the fit, the patterns? And single- or double-breasted? Which jacket should you select for different occasions as the day goes by or during the weekend with the bosses and clients? The list could go on and on which may cause a huge enigma...

    The answer is, it's up to you. As long as the pairing up between the jacket and the bottom, as well as the accessories that goes with it made the whole ensemble look good and not in the 'tacky' zone - the vast choice is absolutely yours. The most important, it should suit you astoundingly well. To me personally, I try to avoid any saggy part in my outfit, therefore everything must be slimfitting. For some injection of dandiness, I think the jacket with some pattern like Prince-of-Wales check or waffle and micro-prints would definitely separate you way apart from your colleagues.

    These are some example of the jacket to wear on different occasions as being mentioned in the previous Shortlist issue.