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Keith Haring x Apple

    Keith Haring has been a favorite at Zara when the highstreet label keep on using the pop art from the American artist in some of their t-shirt collection for quite some time. I happen to try on some of them back two years ago when I did my snoop at Zara Oxford Street in one weekend. [click!]. I love the graffiti-lookalike street art especially his signature 'human' either the crawling baby or the dancing folks.

    Now for those Apple users who happens to love Keith Haring's famous print, you too can adorn that to your iPad 2 or iPhone 4 coz there are some protective cases for your gadget. They looks pretty cool and could give that extra 'freshness' to your current bland cases. I like that iPad case in black and white print coz the design of the 'puzzle of people' graffiti is not that tacky, plus it was a slip-in type cases which is better than the strap-on-the-corners one (for e.g. Trussardi cases). And to go matching the look, you could use that similar print iPhone 4 case too... Talking about streamlining, huh?

    Currently available at Restir.

    [pix from restir]