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Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Stardust' Laptop Case

    My first encounter with the Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case is exactly last year when I stumbled upon it at their store at Mount Street in Mayfair during one weekend. Sitting snugly on the shelf at the menswear section, I thought it was such a fun laptop case ever coz everything on it is like a 'monogramme'. The jumbled up letters and symbols like hearts and stars, which made it look so funky looking. I picked it up to to have a feel and have to say quite drawn to its waxy rubbery feel of the neoprene material used. [click!]

    Fast forward twelve months later into 2011 - what seems to be just an encounter suddenly turned out to be an owner of it instead. Introducing, the new version of the laptop case by the label - codenamed Stardust, which came in many colors and sizes as compared to the one that I saw then. This one I have is in black, that suits up to 11-inch netbook like my Samsung N310.

    The other difference between this one and the previous laptop case is the multisensory touch which seems to be missing in the new Stardust. If the previous (which I'm not mistaken is called Jumble) have that waxy rubbery as I previously mentioned, Stardust has a typical fabric feel since nylon (or maybe polyester) is used on the outer layer. Yet, the laptop cases still maintain the 'monogram' being hot-pressed throughout its body. It's quite hard to tell whether the letters tell something since they're being randomly arranged. The thing that's certain, only letters existed in 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' are the one available on it, alongside stars and hearts symbols.

    This laptop case is greatly padded. And what's even better, inside it is lined with the faux-fur giving some oooh factor when you slide your hands inside. A great final touch too coz it'll further protect your netbook from harsh scratches.

    To me, this laptop case is for those who's very young at heart... or for the kids and ladies, rather than the typical blokes as it looks quite girly. Since I have this one, I know who's gonna be getting this from me soon - any of my nieces who have a netbook, definitely!