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My New Shopping Haven

    I have to say I shopped at the best shopping malls in the world. I shop at Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London, as well as at Westfield - the largest mall in Europe. I shop at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II in Milan. Not to mention the stretches of stores at Oxford Street, Regent Street, Rue Saint Honore and Champs Elysees. But then, as much as everything is overseas - do I missed something? Yup, the shopping malls and shopping streets in Malaysia. I haven't explored 'em all and that's really pathetic of me. I think it's true what people say, we tend to go to places farther than us, rather than the one closer to home. We rather see the kuman seberang laut, than the gajah in front of our own eyes!

    But now it seems to change as I have found a new shopping destination which made me gasping in awe. Introducing Pavillion Kuala Lumpur - located at the heart of the capital at Bukit Bintang, KL. Okay, for those KLites who's been there and made it your typical daily getaway place, I know you'd think my statement is really meh! But I dunno why I took this long to really discover Pavillion, whereas it's just a stone's throw away from Suria KLCC, one mall which I love to shop. (I said a stone's throw, only can happen if you use a slingshot so massive just like in the Angry Bird game!).

    Anyway. Pavillion KL is massive. It's huge. It's ginormous. Spanned to more than six floors and a humungous floor area, it made me look like a tiny miniature in a giant building. When I stepped into the mall other day, I am just stunned with the scale of the building. This is like I've never seen before in Malaysia. This can even rivalled KLCC! As I said, I am gasping in awe.

    There're so many shops in there. On one wing I found everything from the international and local highstreet brands, as well as some specialty shops which made drool seeing all those wonderful stuff. On another wing is everything designer labels - just like The Village at Westfield London - with the names like Burberry, Gucci, Calvin Klein... you name it. And I also found the typical department store inside, i.e. Parkson - which took almost all floors. Of course, there're places to eat too which I haven't explored since that time I don't bother eating!

    And I like its central court - so massive that the banner that they're hanging that day (the Tissot watch promo tour) is so ginormous! As well as the feeling when I took the staircase from the entrance to the central court - it was so wooooow! (Reminds me of the Spanish Steps in Rome, somehow). Besides, Pavillion KL is just nearby Lot 10 and Starhill, as well as Fahrenheit 88 where Uniqlo flagship store in Malaysia is located. What better location to be, right?

    In short, all I can say - I am absolutely happy to discover Pavillion KL. The only regret, why now? Why I haven't come to this mall before? One possible answer is easy: now I have the guts to brave the traffic in the city and really understand the mind-boggling road of KL! That's why...

    So, Pavillion KL. It's my new shopping haven. Voila! (I think I've just heard the massive 'ka-ching' already!)

    [pix taken using iPhone 4]