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New Bag : Not a Bayswater, Neither a Piccadilly. But Almost.

    It started off with an encounter at Padini Concept Store in Ipoh, where I spotted a bag from afar that looked quite familiar to the most desirable bag of all. From the look  I knew straight away that the bag is nothing but resembles a lot to the one by Mulberry. Either it's a Bayswater or Piccadilly, the one that I first saw ticked all the similarities, except for its color which is in brown/taupe combination that is quite a turn off. I do picked it up to have a feel, but then on I just wished somehow that the brand could make a black version since I think it'll look much sleeker.

    Fast forward... bam!! I suddenly spotted what I wished for at PCS in Pavillion KL. The hot looking bag in the color that I once dreamed that the brand would do - in black! A mere conincidence, or I am just plain lucky; the bag is sitting nicely on the shelf to lure me to it. I think I can now named it as the SEED Piccadilly instead since the bag is quite similar to the Mulberry Piccadilly - though a tad smaller, by which it's still a weekender. The only difference is the material: if Mulberry is in all-leather (or once in denim too), this one is a combination of leather/canvas. (Or at least, I think it is leather coz it's so buttery soft).

    Inside is appreciably roomy which suits to fill up your stuff for a weekend away from home. There's an inner zippered pocket for smaller items, and on the side is the adjustable strap if you wanna change the width for many stuff to fill in. The best part is of course, the flap cover with the lock - which is definitely gonna fool many people that it IS a Mulberry!

    Do compare it here [click!] (surely many will be tipah tertipu bang! when they see this...)