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Preloved Got a New Love

    Those who are in my Facebook fan page probably the first one to get the news from me that I'm giving away my shoes. Not that many shoes anyway, just some that has been in my wardrobe for quite so long and haven't received a dire attention from me ever since. Some shoes haven't been worn and still having their tag attached. Some only being worn once or twice, which eventually I decided not to wear anymore due to me 'no feeling it'. My sandals, my sneakers, my plimsols and some dress shoes to the office - they're all up for grab. Free of charge - coz who wanna buy them anyway?

    When I leave a shoutout in my 'status', quite a number who are really interested. The only catch; they've gotta come to my office to collect them all since I'm not doing any delivery. It's first come first serve basis, you like 'em, you grab 'em with no questions asked. All FOC baby!

    So, right before the day end the shoes are all gone. Some shoes are being collected by a friend, and the leftovers I just gave them away to the cleaning ladies who work at my building. I guess, they might've been happy to get those shoes - after all, they're from London! Who don't wanna have a hint of London look in them, right?

    What's next giveaway? My wardrobe, for sure. Since I'm toning down my own closet some clothes need to be chucked out and be given away. Just beware and be aware, coz I might do the shoutout again in my FB fan page... :)

    (that's why it's good to 'Like' me!)

    the shoes... in the office... up for grab!