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Project: Upgrade

    Aaahh... those uni days. Don't we just love those college years, where some of us wear the clothes that we think is cool back then? Loose, baggy jeans; oversized t-shirts which can mistaken you as the member of the hip hop group; the combat trousers with so many pockets which as if you can fill your entire wardrobe inside; the baseball jacket and the trainers which we used to wear to the classroom, and sitting behind at the back listening to the oh-so-boring lecture? Yes, those days...

    Whenever I pulled out my album of yesteryears, I always cringe whenever I look at my dear self coz I am so different compared to how I am now. Either the centre-parting, or the windbreaker that I deemed is a must-have item back then, or even the 'large or extra-large only' tops by which I swear to wear on daily basis to hide my ultraskinny frame. Those days are really funny to reminisce. As much as I say uuggh! and eeew!, still, I love that I got to live with all those days coz that's what history is all about - for me to look back and re-evaluate, to learn what mistake have I done in term of styling, and of course, to mend for a better self as I wanna become. I think without undergoing those days, I will not be like what I am now. Thankfully it works, right? 

    The thing about college and uni years - especially when we're living away from the family comfort is the amount of fund that we have to buy clothes. Some think you may need a huge sum of money to look good, where in fact it is totally incorrect. These days, with the fierce competition from the highstreet stores I think lots of people can get many choices with more value for your wallet. The only thing to be aware of : does it look good on you? Does it fits you, instead of fatten or flatten you? Can the cheap clothes last longer? Can the one that you buy at £5 made you look like you're wearing a £500 instead? Can you look chic instead of chav? Can it?

    Those are some questions which I think all of us should ask whenever we go shopping, especially the students or anybody with limited budget. It's the right choices that counts. And what about after college years? Are we gonna stick to our oldself in those sad styling? Definitely no, coz once you escape the door of the uni, it's time to transform into a new you. New look, new style, more polished and much better-looking adult... who look like he's ready to conquer the world! And what's even better, some expert says that those who look like he's a very well put-together and taken care of himself are more likely to climb the career ladder faster coz the management will perceived him as the one who can also taken care the business.

    So, for those of you who're just graduated, why not do it now!? It's time to upgrade like these guys in the September issue of GQ. Don't they look so different before and after?

    [pix from gq]