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Raya 2011: The BigFat Day

    Raya has been more than two weeks now, and my family has been asking "where's the raya photos??" coz I haven't edited any nor uploaded to my Facebook yet. There're plenty of them, more than 400 pix to really go through one by one. And to edited 'em all, I dunno when I wanna do it or to complete the whole thing. It's manic, it's too much. Not just my family is a big number (that you can even make several teams of football!), but we have so much to celebrate. I think. Especially me, to be honest coz this is my return to Malaysia to celebrate Aidilfitri after being so long over there in the Big Smoke. Therefore, every detail has to be captured to keep the memories alive for as long as we live.

    Btw, my Raya 2011 is amazing. On the eve of Eid, I think there's about 30+ people in the house coz everybody gathered to celebrate. And you can imagine how we all have to queue for the next morning for the shower. It's like in boarding school!

    The Eid morning after the prayer, it's all about visiting the relative houses to makan-makan. As a norm to Malaysian, there are variety of food - from the beehun, satay, nasi impit, nasi minyak, nasi dagang, lemang etc... etc... it's absolutely too much to eat. Yet, I am lucky coz I hardly gain weight though I eat a lot! (don't get jealous people!)

    And as myself I have my own tradition, i.e. each of my nephew and nieces have to line up to get their angpow. Making a queue just like me lining up with all those people during the previous Jimmy Choo collection hitting H&M, too see all the kids from various ages - it's pure fun. A couple of days prior Hari Raya I shouted in the Facebook that none of my nephews and nieces gonna get their duit raya this year since they're also not getting for the past four years, so I supposed that'll be okay. But, that was just a prank to really provoke who will support or oppose the motion! (I'm just an evil uncle sometimes, ha!).

    Anyway, I have lots of nephews and nieces which also include the my cousins' kids. About 75 of them in total. Some big kids were getting RM30 (esp those in the uni), some got RM10 and the rest just get RM5. Other people kids who came to the house just got RM2, which is not too bad. So, you can practically do the maths on how much I've spent for the angpow. That doesn't include my mum who demanded about a grand for her new set of teeth! Ha!
    So, what is my theme for raya 2011? The first day is the baju melayu in deep teal. I bought the baju at Kompleks PKNS in Shah Alam during the first week of puasa, and quite lucky to find it amidst the other clothes on the rail. Paired with it is the sampin tenun, by which I decided to 'fold' the top in a different way; just like a flower knot instead. I actually never wear a sarong, that's why I think this kind of knot is the easiest. When my mum looked at it she said "the flower should be on the left, not on the right!" - make sense coz she's a mak andam of more than 30 years experience, I think she should've known better. But I replied that I wanted to look different and have it on the opposite side instead (but actually trying to cover line! memang silap pun... Lol!)

    Anyway, some of the pix taken during raya.. (i.e mostly songlap from my nephews album).

    my tradition... since 10 years ago. everybody has to queue...!

    big kids also get duit raya, as long as they're not working yet. ha!

    I like this photo coz  it has me on the back, and the Malaysian flag coz the day after is the Independece Day. 
    My nephew decided to wear the eyeliner too...just like his uncle! wahaha!

    the nephews enjoying the meal at the relative house...