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Sephora Has Landed at Bukit Bintang!

    Mention the name Sephora, I think all New Yorkers would definitely know what it's all about. The beauty retailer where you can get almost anything from fragrance, skincare, it. Actually it's no difference than Boots in the UK, apart from the name Sephora is much more upmarket and so 'coveted' than a type of footwear! (Sorry Boots!)

    Now for the KLites, you too can have a taste of the Big Apple as the store has just landed on the Golden Triangle at Bukit Bintang, KL. Located exactly just beside Starhill Gallery and Louis Vuitton store, as well as opposite Fahrenheit 88 and Pavillion KL, it's not just the brandname that you should be celebrating to; but the building itself.

    Looking like an alien spaceship that had just found land on Earth, its architecture is so futuristic - like an origami ball with all the angular sides randomly folded and shaped. Combining glass and concrete structure, which is supported by the steel frame underneath; Sephora Bukit Bintang is one destination you would never forget when you get your Gucci Guilty perfume or that Clinique shaving creme in your next visit. Just by looking at it you'll be gasping in awe...

    Have a look at my snaps, and the pix in the previous issue of Space magazine. Awesome!


    ...and snap, snap, snap! Boy, do that car looks so awesome!

    Sephora @ the Golden Triangle, as being featured in the Space magazine. Hmmm... reminds me to sing that song. "You're an alien, your touch so foreign... it's supernatural, extra-terrestrial!"...

    Btw, Sephora has an iPad and iPhone apps. So, check 'em out.