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The Skull that's Almost McQueen...

    When this prying eyes spotted something that looks too good to be true, it can do no wrong. The previous visit to SEED has brought me to capture this one shirt amidst the other clothes on the hangers which I jumped to say, oh my, it's a McQueen! The skull 'monogram' that fills all over the shirt is such a mere resemblance to the printed skull on the famous McQueen scarves is what made me grab it to try on in the fitting room that day.

    From afar the shirt looks similar to other printed shirts that you see on the the streets, but ogle it closer then you may came across the McQueen element of it. There're other designers who did the same skull monogram such as Commes des Garcons, as they did it on kilts and t-shirts as well for SS11. When I tried this one... it's an absolute perfecto! From the monochromatic black print on white base, the concealed buttons and the slim-fitting form - I have to say there's no way for me to leave SEED without grabbing this one home with me. 

    So, I did....(esp after that 20% off with the voucher, how can I resist?!)