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Swatch Fullblooded Skull

    A must-have for any fashion lovers. The Fullblooded Skull chronograph watch from Swatch in their latest Fullblooded range. I just love the skull-print on the face dial which looks like a spitting image of the one by Thomas Sabo. Looking at the picture alone I thought the material of the bracelet is stainless steel, but upon checking and trying it out myself at the Swatch store couple of weeks back I was surprised when the saleslady said that it is actually aluminum. That is why the watch is very light, as if I'm not wearing any when I put it on my wrist. The case is however made of plastic that looks a tad transparent diaphane material. 

    They come in two color choices, but the black one has my eyes on it. Since it's a chrono watch, that's why the price is a bit yikes! at RM570! But still, it looks so handsomely cool...

    [pix from swatch]