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Up Close and Personal with Atelier Versace

    This could be the third time I talk about the Atelier Versace. Yet alone to be mentioning about the same dress that I truly adore. The first time is early this year when I saw Abbey Lee Kershaw model the collection by Donatella Versace for the Atelier. Too splendid as they were, I did predict that some of the pieces might've been worn on the red carpet sooner or later. [click!] And as if my word is very haunting indeed, my prediction is true coz suddenly bing!... someone had picked the dress and wear it to red carpet event. It is bing!... or Fan Bing Bing to be exact who wore the dress at Cannes Film Festival in the mid-year 2011. Though not as great as Abbey Lee, at least the dress do look amazing as she glides through the crowd amidst the flashing paparazzi lightbulbs. [click!]

    And now, as they say third time's a charm, am I lucky or what to have a chance to be very up close and personal with the exact same dress worn by Bing Bing? It was indeed so fantastic to see the frock; to appreciate the craftsmanship and the many, many manhours that has been poured into by the master seamstress from the House of Versace in creating that dress. It was so couture. One very unrivalled design.

    The work on the skirt with the flowy train really made me so impressed with the whole thing. The gradual tone of what I thought as feathers turn out to be not 'feathers' after all, but tiny pieces of soft fabrics (probably chiffon) being cut beautifully, properly colored, shaped and arranged to give that variation of hues, and sewn onto the body of the skirt making it looks so frilly and fluffy. It was pure art and I can't imagine how many weeks or months they have taken to complete one whole piece.

    No wonder the dress is one of its kind and truly worth being on that fashion pedestal. I think that's what atelier after all!