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Valerius at Java Soulnation 2011

    All photo, photograped by Kay Mori
    Jessie (VALERIUS) candid picture:

     He should be a Model.. hehe :P

     Kay (VALERIUS) candid picture
     Thinking about Armani campaign. Nice hat Kay! :D

     edgy.. masculine.. simply major..
    I would like to introduce you fellas, some perfomance that me and my friends Anin have chance to interview the awsome band from Amsterdam, the one and only VALERIUS. They are so nice, fun, energetic, and cool!.

    I'm really appreciate their music, their love to audience in Java Soulnation 2011, their passion and spirit. I think this band could be MAJOR not only in theie country (Holland) but also in Indonesia and around the world. 

    Who run the world? VALERIUS!.
     Me and Valerius