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Zachary Quinto in Burberry's Chunky Soles

    Mr Sylar in Heroes, Zachary Quinto has graced the cover and editorial spread in the recent September issue of August Man magazine wearing the ensemble from the Burberry fashion lines - the Prorsum, the London and the Brit. Suit the mood of autumn/winter the clothes is mostly about the outerwear like the boxy duffel coat in mega checks pattern, the macs and also the shearling aviator jacket.

    What is interesting is the shoes that the actor wear in the photoshoot. They were the chunky-soled footwear that I've previously wrote in my blogpost. [click!] Dunno whether I wanna scream yeay! or yikes! when I saw those, coz it seems that it looks like a high-fashion version of a safety shoes. Thick, teethy-bladed soles is quite a resemblance to the one that the workers wear for protection though. Yet, if you've ever walked on a slippery, icy pavement in the winter season - this could be a life-savior as the grip will definitely prevent you from slip-up.

    Oh, in case you ask why I cropped the face - it's because his face looked quite disturbing. I don't wanna be under influence of Sylar's evil stare. Ha!

    [scanned pix from augustman september issue]