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Bang Bang!

    When Marc Jacobs came up with his signature perfume for men last year, Bang!, it's been a massive hooplas surrounding the release of the fragrance. Not just about the newly designed bottle that looks like a silver box being knocked by a hammer to its center, but also the ad campaign that features the designer himself in a very provocative shot of him posing naked, only to be covered by the massive perfume bottle in front of his manhood. So provocative that during the Fashion's Night Out last year, lots of people queue at his Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Mayfair, London just to get the free t-shirt bearing that image. I dunno what's so special about it reallly; it's not even flattering to be honest. Yikes! And when it comes to the smell of the scent, again, IMO it's not even flattering at all either. With spicy base notes of pepper and peppercorns, it smells like you've just came out from your mum's spice cabinet... eeek!

    Jump into Autumn 2011, the latest fragrance is something absolutely different from its predecessor. When I was sent the sample of the perfume last week, I can automatically stamped ooh, I just love this new perfume! Named Bang Bangthis new fragrance by Marc Jacobs is less oriental spice but more to sexy sporty spice due to its fresher and much energetic appeal. I can automatically detect the citrusy smell just by the first spritz, which is confirmed by the presence of the lemon essence in its top notes, It is then wrap up afterwards with a pleasing woody aura of the sandalwood (and cashmere musk) that is quite sexy. And looking at the image of the original bottle, I can say it's quite an attention grabber due to its royal blue color.

    Could this Marc Jacobs Bang Bang be a new list to be considered by my fellow Scorpions? With the citrus lemon scent in its formula - that's deff a deal-breaker to me! Oh, btw... do you know that according to the Journal of Chemical Senses, the enduring aroma of a lemon is actually a powerful secret weapon that you could wear on a date? Yeah, now you know. Just to be safe, don't go to the pantry and squeeze lemon to your body just to get that effect - wear this Bang Bang, instead, okay!