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BigFat Riding Hood Meet Big Bad Wolf

    Last weekend, after attending my cousin's graduation ceremony at Universiti Putra in Serdang, I brought my entourage - my nephews and nieces - to the Big Bad Wolf. Big bad what? Big Bad Wolf, the largest book sale event of the year held at the hall of Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), just nearby UPM itself. This is different compared to any book fest held in this country like the one I attended previously at PWTC and KL Convention Center, coz this event is selling book at discounted prices.

    How much discounted? Too much, in fact most are at 75% off. Some are even at 90% I think, that's quite mindblowing. We're talking about the price tags around RM8 for most novels and storybooks, and could go up to around RM100+ for a complete set of a book series or encyclopaedia. Still... they're much, much cheaper than what you see at local bookstores that are selling the same item at full price! Totally insane...

    And as insane as the name could be - Big Bad Wolf - its fellow Little Red Riding Hoods (the visitors) are a huge number that I can't imagine. I think it may reach more than 10,000 people in that hall that particular time I'm in. To be able to search for a parking space is a huge effort by itself coz they're apparently thousands of cars around. There're even many shuttle buses to transport the visitors who park their cars quite far away to the main venue in the hall. In fact, I can't believe to be seeing the queue at the main entrance which is actually for those people who wanna board the shuttle bus back to their cars!

    So, talking about the books - they're the typical categories like the classic and modern fictions, art and crafts, cookery stuff, hobbies, children books that occupied almost a third of the hall, as well as one big table just for the 'Complete Idiots' books. And so many many more. It so amazing to see oceans and islands of books around... which is what I am crazy about too apart from buying clothes. (You know I have my own library at home, right?) As I mentioned, the price is insanely affordable. Mostly are priced at RM8 regardless of categories, which I think is within anyone's reach. I can see some even came out from the hall with boxes of books... proving that people are really taking opportunity of the price crash. Oh, don't get me wrong though - the books are not in bad conditions at all, if you're reasoning on the low price tags. They're in fact all new books, which is why I am soooo still bemused how they can offer people paying that low!

    Anyway, totally loving this event. I understand why it is located at MAEPS (which is also the location of the new Perdana University), coz I'm guessing the hall rental is lower compared to KL Convex which may cost them RM1 million to occupy those exhibition halls. (I know this from an insider!). Despite of heavy downpour, lack of parking space near the hall and the location of the hall that people need to climb the hill equivalent to two-storeys worth of building - somehow it never dampen the visitor's moods to go and visit it. I guaranteed, if they do it again next time, many people will still go to Big Bad Wolf book sale. And so am I - the BigFatBlogger. :)

    Where on earth could you find people queue not only to enter a book fest or even to board the shuttle bus, other than at Big Bad Wolf event? Insane...

    thousands of people filling up the hall...

    thousands of empty boxes. you can just take 'em... carry the books you've picked, and pay at the counter.

    ooops, gua punya kasut daaa... not really kasut, but 'shladiator' - the shoe+gladiator combo from Kurt Geiger.

    okay, spot which one is the BigFatBlogger? so obvious, huh?
    shirt by SEED, jeans by Topman, denim tote by Key Ng

    the 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' priced at RM8. If I know this would happen, I didn't bought mine when I was in London before!

    The books bought - Trump's Why We Want You to Get Rich. (Pokcik nak kayo, bleh?). The China Chic, coz I'm going to visit my friend in Beijing ... so it's better to get well informed on the chic places over there. And three cookbooks, including Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Kitchen priced at just RM25! Mana ko nak dapat rege camtu.... tak dapat punyer!

    Oh, mentioning cooking, someone in Facebook put up this pix that she get from somewhere. The quote says 'A guy who knows how to cook is really handsome'. Well, I know how to cook... so, does it mean that...hehehe. (*mood sipu-sipu*) No komen. Gua handsome tarak, tapi sexy adaaa... bleh? Wahahahaha!