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Churidar Kurta : In Touch with Ethnicity

    I love being in touch with my ethnicity after finding out from my sister long, long years back that our family actually has a lot of ethnic influences in our blood. Apart from Malay, I'm pretty excited to figure out that there's an essence of Indian and Thai in my ancestor history, which mostly rooted from my mum's side by whom her parents are a mix of Siamese on one side and Indian on the other. I think that's pretty cool... coz that'll somehow create such an embodiment of a true Asian. Ala2 Malaysia truly Asia, boleh? From then on, I am so much loving anything got to do with the salwar kameez - the traditional costume of men in South Asia - which I mostly wear during Eid in my teenage years. The long robe with a slit on the side, worn with a salwar or trousers (seluar in Malay) - I love everything about it. In act, that's the only thing I wear for Friday prayers too these days!

    Last Eid, I'm thinking of  taking it to the next level when I decided to find a very embellished design salwar kameez. My search at Little India in Ipoh has brought me to some revelation : the one that I wanted to find is actually called a churidar kurta or sherwani which is normally being worn during wedding. Its top, that falls to knee-length is normally embroidered to give that extra oomph to the otherwise plain kurta. Some are only embellieshed on the front part, while some are completey embroidered throughout (by which can cost thousands of dollars). During my quest, I said to the shopowner, I want something like what Hrithik Roshan wear in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham! Thank God they understand, though there were some giggles following that statement by me...

    And the other revelations, I found out that if there're no ready-made churidar kurta on the shelves that I like, I can have it made special by them. I can select the fabric, what type of embellished border on the cuff, on the neck, etc that I want; the cutting and everything.... and they can made-to-measure and complete it within one hour! One hour?! Yup.. coz they have a lot of highly-skilled tailor around. Isn't that awesome?!

    Anyway, I didn't made it tailor-made but successfully found one in a shop nearby. When I entered, the boutique owner suddenly said to me, I got something perfect for you. Just in your size! (size 38). Though at first I did say I'm looking for a white ensemble like Hrithik Roshan wear and bla bla bla... she gave me the kurta in black with golden-threaded embellished front which look fantastic. "Just for you" (just for you la sangat.. sbb ko nak duit aku kan? lol) But when I tried it, I straightaway fell head over heels about the ensemble. Screw the white Hrithik Roshan kurta... this one is much edgier!

    So, on the 4th day of Raya, I wore it during the open house at my sis house. Everybody seemed to be stunned by the look. In fact my 5-year old niece said, cantik la baju awak!! Yet funnily, my mum said kau nak kawin ker? which made me laugh...

    I think it is cantik coz the color black and gold really go together. What I also love is the Nehru collar, the buttoned front which made it easier to put on, and the high slit on both sides - by which if I move, I love the way it sways so sexily. Just like Neo in Matrix, but in ethnic and shorter coat version, ahaks! Recently I just figured out that if I wear it with a belt, it may look much edgier ... though it'll cause more sore eyes looking towards me since that'll something veeerrry different than any typical menswear. But, who cares. In the name of fashion and celebration, why not go OTT sometimes? :)

    Somehow, wearing those long robes with belts reminds me the time I participated in the fancy costume competition when I was nine. I was Aladdin then, and still an Aladdin now (but a high-end Aladdin)! =)

    *pssst, I'm on the far left! On my right is my cousin, Syarir - by which his costume is 'a gir'l! Lol! Oh man.. what a history...

    UPDATE: My big shoutout to Syarir for his birthday yesterday!! =)