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DSquared2 Wellies, Finally Mine

    "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it's never meant to be."

    Ever heard about that phrase? I think I've been believing to what it says ever since I saw the scribbles at the door of my locker in the hostel room at Desa Gemilang long, long time ago. Too long to even remember, in the last milennium to be exact. Such a simple, but magical words to me. I know it's a lyrics from a song, by which the 'it' is actually 'she/her' instead. If I can put it in a Malay translation, it would've mean 'kalau ada rezeki, memang takkan ke mana' which is so true after all. I think the saying quite make sense and have a very deep meaning; which in fact has even proven me right for so many, many times before. If I want something so bad and I try to get it but fail at first; I just let it go and set it free... if it's gone without return, then no use to go and chase for it. But if it comes back to me without me even knowing it, then it's totally mine!

    And mentioning thing that comes back, after FOUR seasons since the last time I saw it and drooling it over, it's finally become my rezeki . I'm very ecstatic to be having this DSquared2 tie-up wellies right onto my lap, when it arrived in a big box last week. I saw it on the runway during DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2010 show in Milan last year, and even wrote about it twice in this blog. [Click here and here]. I tried to search for the wellies, but hampered by the price tag which I think too pricey for that type of weather boots. Who wanna buy something that is too damn expensive?

    Yet, I planted a wish that somehow I might get it a lower price. Bamm! I am right coz after the third season, I found it through Yoox iPad and click to purchase. Luck not on my side though, I tried 10 times to buy the item but everytime it failed. 10 trials, 10 times rejection. Turned out that the size that I clicked (size 43) is not in stock anymore. Dang! No rezeki I presumed. And that's when I finally surrender, and said... if the boots is meant to be mine, it'll appear and come back to me somehow. 

    Is that a prayer? I think so, coz two weeks ago I saw it again online and cannot believe my eyes that it's there. I'm quite sceptical at first, but my heart told me to go for the size 44, though I'm actually wearing size 43 in other shoes. When it arrived, I can't express my joy other than being so grateful to God coz the wellies truly perfectly mould to my feet. I'm just wondering, should I've bought the size 43 before - dang, I could've missed the spot and waste my money! I know I'm crazy, and that's what fashion made you sometimes: being crazy.

    Anyway. DSquared2 tie-up Wellington boots. Love it the first time I saw it, and love it even more when finally owning it. It's quite heavy compared to other wellies that I've tried. I purposely pick black coz it's a universal color than the green one. Though this one is slightly different than seen on the runway (the laces is in tan color, compared to black), every inch is the exact thing especially the 'DSquared 1964' label stitched on the sides. Inside it was lined with tartan checks canvas fabric, making it easier to slide the foot in/out.

    The only thing is, how should I wear it? Should I go like the first two pix seen on the models, or would I dare to wear like what Arthur Sales did - flesh-baring with an undie and a gilet instead. Well, I don't need your answer though, coz I actually did tried shirtless yesterday with a jeans and suddenly realizing my neighbor got such an amazing 'free show' after all. *this time only* Ahaks!  

    [pix from]

    Anyway, love the wellies very much. It doesn't matter if it sooo last season; as long as I can see it as seasonless, ada aku kesah? With a fraction of the price, and it's a catwalk piece - what's not to like?

    So, ready to do gardening ala high fashion? :)

    I think if I go to the mushy football pit, I'll wear something like the one on the left. Or, to the music festivals in the UK, I'd pair the jeans tucked-inside the boots with a biker jacket and a hoodie instead. 

    (btw, this is present #4)