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From a Boy to a Man. Again.

    It's that day of the year again. The day when you reminisce back to your life previously and said to yourself - Hey, I've grown up! And boy, didn't I've just change a lot through the years? Or am I? (I hope so...ahaks!)

    From a boy who's clutching the bottle wearing a tank top when he's two year's old; into becoming a man who's clutching luscious leather bags nowadays (and still love wearing a tank top), all I can say is - I just love how my life has been!

    Yeah, it might've been so many challenges along the way. So many ups and downs. So many happy and sad moments. So many love, friendships and break-ups. So many successes and failures. But hey, isn't that what life should be? Life is a story. A History.... and I love to have my own HIStory.

    It's 29 October again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! ^___________^