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Good Newsreader. Awful Suits

    Okay, here's the deal. I'm trying to put myself in hot waters once in a while and comment on what other people is wearing. Not that what I'm wearing is so awesome myself (but mostly, I do..ehehe), yet I think I could give my two cents to those people out there on what's wrong with the ensemble they're wearing. To me, after been living so long on the street of London metropolis, seeing so many types of people roaming around either in their high fashion tastes or street look, and me becoming too attached to the idea that I must always look good all the time during my stay over there  (and not to mention always getting compliments too from the commuters about my daily styling, and become a subject of study by the students at London College of Fashion) - I think I could give a dash or two on what other people wear. I'm not undermining about their style... it's just that I want them to look their best they could too.

    So, first up is the newsreader from the local TV channels. OMG, where should I start? When I land back to this country exactly a year ago in late September 2010, I just can't bear watching the evening news. It's not about the news itself though, coz I think Malaysia has the best news coverage that the world could ever had. (Compared to the one in the UK, where news always been retold again and again at different time slots!). What is a true eyesore is actually when I looked at those male newsreaders in their suit of the day. Ugghh... please, someone poke my eyes! I just can't bear looking at what they're wearing! If I had a power, I should've fired all the stylist... and let me jump in to dress all of them instead.

    Now, let's see my case study which I snapped the clip a couple of days back... (just to warn, I'm not commenting on their face, only their clothes! :D)

    Bernama TV: Oh my. Pastel green shirt + pink tie + navy suit? What the hell, a candyman? Are they trying to do color-blocking scheme in here? This is absolutely awful! So WRONG! Plus, the suit look bad either. Though it suits him quite well (read: quite, okay), but the shoulder is a bit too cakah. And, who on earth wear three-button suits in the modern world these days? And worst, why do you button it all up?

    Tip to get it right: Newsreading is a 'sombre event'. Therefore it is expected that the color of the shirt be a bit less overpowering, and must be matched with a suitable tie. Never exceed three colors in an ensemble, otherwise you're a clown! It either can be styled with a 'harmonious tone-on-tone' theme: two-buttoned navy suit with slightly plunging V front (worn only top-button fastened) + light blue shirt + navy diagonal stripes tie. Or, do a 'slight contrast' scheme by replacing it with a white shirt instead.

    Navy is never my color of choice, but if I wanna wear any, I'd wear a midnight blue shirt underneath and throw a tie with the same color of the suit. Very Dolce.

    RTM TV1: OMG, with capital letters! I dunno how long have the stylist been working there, coz I actually have visited to the wardrobe at Angkasapuri before. That time, they even have an in-house tailor - the Spark Manshop, who specially made the suits for the newsreaders.

    This one tick all the wrong boxes without a doubt. The color is not suitable for a forwalwear. The lapel's opening is too damn short, making it look awfully hideous. And it was a 3-buttoned suit and buttoned it all up - what worst can you get?

    Tips to get it right: This is the 'harmony' color scheme here that I'm talking about. But I just wish that it is changed to either navy or a monochrome involving blacks and greys. And of course, the suit - replace it with a one- or two-buttoned only!!

    RTM TV2: Same as the above. Three-buttoned suit must be kept in the Angkasapuri's archive and should never be allowed to appear in the light of the day. Ever.

    Tips to get it right: Change the suit to one- or two-buttoned with slight plunging neckline. Though the shirt and the suit goes well together, please change the tie. It's hideous! Ugghh.. nauseating!

    TV9: An absolute eyesore which I wanna poke my eyes so badly. The fit is absolutely and mindblowingly hideous. The lapels are too broad, making the news somehow look like you're in the 80s. Buttoned all-up is an absolute no, no. The shirt is too damn big making him looks like he's just shrunked in it. Stripes shirt + polka dot tie... what is this, Duckie Brown Spring/Summer 2011? Sack the stylist this moment, please...

    Tips to get it right: This guy got a slim body silhouette, so he should be wearing an ultimate one-buttoned slimfitting suit instead. Make it black, and pair it with a white slim shirt with slightly thin collar + black slim tie... I absolutely think it's gonna take his style waay to the next level. Or, since he's standing all the time, a slimfit mod double-breasted suit would do the magic. And of course, make sure the hem of the sleeves are just on the bone of the wrist; otherwise people might've think he's wearing his grandpa's shirt instead. Yikes! 

    Astro Awani: If there's an award for a fav newsreader, I would've given it to this guy. His voice is great, and he's very animated when reading the news. Not just sitting stiff like the others. I never found a better newscaster in this country other than him, though.

    But put the performance aside, and let's look to the style though. It's actually almost there. One big comment - again, the buttoning up of the suit. WHY THE HELL THEY ALL DO THE SAME?? Don't they know the carnal rules of buttoning up the single-breasted suit is NOT to button 'em all, unless it's clearly a one-button suit? And the fit: I just wish he could've worn just a size smaller, then everything will fall perfectly!

    TV3: Bingo! They got it right... almost. My only slight annoyance is the tie: since the lapels of the suit is towards the slimmer side, so the tie should be less broad which must be complimented by the collar of the shirt too. The color combo is okay, since yellow goes hand in hand with grey. Compared to the others, I love this look better coz it looks modern and fresh, and the fit is great too. I know, TV3 always do it right (is that's why my employer want me to work with TV3 last week for the live telecast then? :D)